XML Interviews


Here are the participants who provided answers to these interviews. The two letter abbreviation is used on the interview pages to denote them.

JMM = J. Michael Moshell, UCF
MG = Michael Gourlay, FIEA, EA
TG = Thomas Gorence, I.D.E.A.S.
BA = Bill Albing, KeyContent.org
SS = Sherry Steward, DEI


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1. Briefly describe your job, your day to day duties, and your role within your organization.

2. Can you describe a project that uses XML?

3. Why did you choose to use XML rather than another technology (such as a relational database?)

4. What process did you use to author your XML content? Did you use any tools or software programs (including software that auto-generates XML code)?

5. What tools (specifically parser) do you use and what are their advantages?

6. Did you use stylesheets or transformations with your XML documents? If so, which types?

7. How did you validate your XML documents, if at all? Did you use DTDs, Schema, or another method?

8. In your mind, what are the primary strengths and weaknesses of XML as a communications technology?

9. What skill and competencies are important?

10. Are there any other comments or thoughts about your project you would like to share?

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