Q1: Briefly describe your job, your day to day duties, and your role within your organization.

JMM: I work as a professor of Digital Media. In this capacity I design and teach courses, conduct research projects, write grant proposals, develop new curricula and serve on University committees.

MG: I have two jobs: I am a research associate at University of Central Florida in a graduate program called the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy where I create curriculum for and teach graduate students learning how to make interactive media (such as video games and military simulations) and also do research. I am also a senior software engineer at Electronic Arts where I write software for video games including Madden NFL, NASCAR and several other games. Among many other things, I wrote the visual effects system used by many EA Sports titles including Madden, NCAA, NASCAR, NFL Tour, Fight Night Big (a.k.a. Pummel), Euro Cup and FIFA Street. I also wrote the network application layer architecture used by Madden and NASCAR.

TG: I am the lead developer / programmer in the graphics department for i.d.e.a.s. / integrity arts. I am involved with creating technical specifications, project maintenance, documentation, testing and deployment. My day to day duties usually involve Flash development (ActionScript programming), PHP / mySQL development, and graphic design.

BA: At FarPoint, I am responsible for the product documentation of a range of software components that we sell to application developers, mostly who use Microsoft Visual Studio as a development environment; this means I'm responsible for production and maintenance of the deliverables as well as the development of the original content. FarPoint is a small software components manufacturer and our best selling product is a .NET spreadsheet component that gives software applications spreadsheet and grid capability. For about a half a dozen products, much of the product documentation, including an API reference (or class library documentation) is automatically generated from source code comments (which is XML tagged) and the actual structure of the software. There are also sets of procedural (tasks) documentation and tutorials that I develop to explain the range of uses of the product. Beyond the strictly technical documentation, I also develop case studies, technical white papers and a range of marketing literature from data sheets to email newsletters to blog entries. For each product there are two forms of compiled help one of which integrates with the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment, a set of PDF files (for users to print, since we no longer provide hard copy user manuals), a Read Me, and Web-viewable versions of all this content. In my spare time, I am editor-in-chief of a groupware-based Web site that is the basis for a professional association, KeyContent.org.

SS: I am the director of applied research and life cycle support for a simulator company where I am responsible for the overall supportability of training devices and simulators designed and manufactured by DEI. Several products are necessary to support and operate these simulators throughout the product life cycle, and as such, I direct the functional areas responsible for reliability, maintainability, and availability of electronic components, logistics support analysis and provisioning, system safety, technical documentation, and training. The technical documentation we develop is used by our customers to operate and maintain the training devices and to buy spare parts as needed. The operation and maintenance data is delivered in a traditional technical manual print format; however, it is also delivered as an Electronic Technical Manual or Interactive Electronic Technical Manual. When we deliver this format, manual data is tagged in XML or SGML so that it can be manipulated and used in mobile environments. I also direct the applied research efforts, most of which are focused on supportability process improvement or expanding simulator capability. In my rare spare time, I am the editor for KeyContent.org.

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