Q6: Did you use stylesheets or transformations with your XML documents? If so, which types?

JMM: Not yet. We are evolving the DTD for our CMPM dialect (we call it cpXML) but as yet the parsing is 'ad hoc', driven by the architecture of our Java application.

MG: Not usually.

TG: Typically, I do not use stylesheets or transformations with my XML documents. Any formatting or manipulation is done after the information has been parsed by the parent application (in most cases, this is Flash).

BA: Yes, we wrote our own DTD to handle a small set of elements in our procedural documentation (User's Guide). And we wrote our own XSLT that transforms the XML of our procedural documentation into HTML.
We also use a separate XSLT to transform many snippets which are in XML into individual text files that are pulled into a larger process that inserts the text (code snippets) into pages of automatically generated documentation. We can share examples of the DTD and the XSLTs that we use.

SS: Yes, we use both DTDs and stylesheets in the documentation. Any formatting or manipulation is done using the style sheet editor.

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