Q7: How did you validate your XML documents, if at all? Did you use DTDs, Schema, or another method?

JMM: Again, we handle this by producing error messages within our Java code if the DOM4j system objects to any well-formedness issues; and reporting any validation issues when our internal scanner fails to understand a structure.

MG: At EA the tools teams sometimes employ validation facilities built into the DOM parser.

TG: When using flash, the only validation needed is standard error checking. If the application works, and is bug-free, the XML is considered valid. When dealing with XML for websites (for example, RSS feeds), then many different tools are used or validation, my favorite being the W3C online validator.

BA: The XML that we output from Adobe FrameMaker is valid XML. We do not have a separate step in our process of validating the XML.
We use a DTD that we wrote in-house, and FrameMaker does any validating that is needed. The authoring process indicates invalid XML when we author so by the time we get to production, it's all valid XML.

SS: We use a DTD that is based on the mil-standard most of the time, but we also use the built-in parser. Both seem to work well.

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